Aunty Phone Number for Friendship List in India

Searching for a real Aunty phone number for friendship list? Don’t worry, I’ll be providing you, the best platform to get Aunty Whatsapp number list 2021.

It’s no big deal that this website has connected, thousands of people online in more than 58 countries, and our goal for 2021 is to connect more people in over 100 countries.

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For our readers searching for Aunty phone numbers to connect, chat with, and start a new friendship, you’re in the right place. These Aunties mobile numbers I’ll be sharing with you are 100% free and real, so be respectful and courteous while chatting.

Real Aunty Phone Number List. – Indian Aunty for Dating 2021.

Aunty Mobile Number

Name: Bahri Biswas.
Interest: Whatsapp Friendship, Singing, Cooking, Music, Dancing.
Whatsapp: +919654160852.
Quote: This queen doesn’t need a king because this QUEEN rules kings.
Country: India.

Hi there, My name is Bahri Biswas and people always compliment me as a friendly person. I absolutely love singing, and yes, I’ve composed some music for the fun of it. I’ll love to meet people ready for friendship.

sweet Indian aunty mobile number

Name: Tannu.
Interest: Whatsapp No Friendship, chatting, meeting new people. Traveling.
Whatsapp: +918860721613.
Quote: Be a Girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a Lady with class.
Country: India.

House Wife Whatsapp Number for Friendship

Name: Priya Patel
Interest: Meeting new people, friendship, chatting.
Whatsapp: +919727438678.
Quote: Being sensitive is a sign that you’ve got a big heart. Don’t apologize.
Country: India.

Hy, my name’s Priya Patel and I’m a dog-lover. I absolutely adore dogs and can’t see one without petting it. I have a beautiful puppy, I heard that they are perfect partners, but people are still more fascinating than pets. Here’s my message to those searching for aunty mobile numbers, here’s mine.

india aunty phone number for friendship

Name: Shweta
Interest: Whatsapp No Friendship. Business, Laws.
Quote: You’ve always had the power, my dear, You just had to learn it yourself.
Whatsapp Number: +919958202053.
Location: Delhi, India.

aunty phone number

Name: Tannu
Hobbies: Whatsapp No Friendship. Horror movies, Helping the poor.
Whatsapp: +918860721613.
Quote: Nothing Can Dim The Light That Shines From Within.
Country: India.

Name: Jyoti.
Interest: Acting, Modelling, cooking.
Whatsapp: +919211320518.
Quote: The most memorable people in life will always be the friends who loved you when you weren’t very lovable.
Country: India.

Name: Sita
Interest: Whatsapp No Friendship
Whatsapp: +919417184604
Country: India.

Name: Jyoti
Interest: Whatsapp No Friendship
Whatsapp: +919211320513.
Country: India.

Name: Silky
Interest: Whatsapp No Friendship
Whatsapp: +919654160852
Country: India.

Final Conclusion.

These are the current Aunty phone numbers available for Whatsapp friendship now. If you’re searching for Aunty mobile numbers or Aunty Whatsapp numbers, here’s your best place to get it.

Don’t forget that this list is constantly updated with new numbers, as sometimes, the ladies will ask us to remove their number(s) because they’ve gotten their friends.

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