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What exactly is a “Cheap girl quote?” It means not settling for anything less than you deserved. If you settle for anything less than you deserved, then you’re cheap.

Today, I will be sharing the best Cheap girls quotes you can use on Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. I will be spicing it up by adding related images too.

Be the girl that everyone wants

Cheap Girls Quotes.

♦ I’m normally a burger and chips girl – such a cheap date.

♦ Girls who say

♦ Don’t be the girl who needs a man, be the girl every man needs.

♦ I’ll rather be someone shot of Whisky, than everyone’s cup of tea.

♦ Dear, dressing immodestly is like rolling around in the mud, yes, you’ll get attention, but it’s only from pigs.

♦ Only cheap girls are impressed by money, I’m impressed by Care, Love, and Affection.

♦ I notice that a lot of young women don’t want to call themselves or identify as feminists. You have this cheap, hideous ‘girl power’ sort of fad, which I think is pretty benign at best, but at worst, I think it’s a way of taking the politics out of feminism and making it some kind of fashion.

♦ I don’t mind if I show myself being cheap or unreasonable sometimes. – Harvey Pekar

♦ Talk is cheap, but actions are precious and priceless.

♦ Girls want attention, Women want respect.

♦ Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you.

♦ I don’t respect those who don’t respect me. They call it ego, I call it self-respect.

♦ The saddest thing a girl can do, is dumb herself down for a guy. – Emma Watson.

♦ Talk is cheap because it’s the only thing broke people can afford.

♦ Honesty is an expensive gift, so don’t expect it from cheap people.

♦ Don’t go for a girl who has many girls behind her, cheap products always attract crowds.

♦ She’s a strong cup of black coffee in a world that is drunk on cheap wine of shallow love.

♦ There is nothing cure, funny or lovable about being cheap. It’s a total turn0ff.

♦ Honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.

♦ Make your anger so expensive that most people can’t afford it, and your happiness so cheap that anyone can afford it.

♦ Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.

♦ I tried putting myself in your shoes, but they are cheap and ugly, just like you.

♦ Fake is the new trend, and a lot of people seems to be in style.

♦ A man’s money can never excite an independent woman.

♦ You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. Don’t do cheap things.

♦ I don’t mind if I show myself being cheap or unreasonable sometimes. – Harvey Pekar.

♦ There’s nothing cute or funny or lovable about being cheap. It’s a total turn-off. – Douglas Coupland.

♦ You can become rich by being cheap but the problem is that even though you are rich, you are still cheap. – Robert Kiyosaki.

♦ Most people try to get rich by being cheap and the price for that is that you live cheap and there is so much money out there; why would you want to live cheap? – Robert Kiyosaki.

♦ I like clothes that are simple and preferably cheap unless I’m being given it for free. – Ben Chaplin.

♦ You know, at that age you want to show everyone else how wild you are. It’s a combination of being bored, looking for a cheap thrill, and being really stupid – a dangerous combination. – Mike Judge.

♦ Being blonde, for me, means never having to say: ‘I’ll have the honey-striped half-head of highlights for ú200,’ to a bored colorist in a Mayfair salon, which is much more satisfying, not to mention cheap. – Rachel Johnson.

♦ Being judgmental is cheap. Any fool can do it. – Barbara Sher.

♦ Being crazy about someone might seem cheap, but what if your life is priceless without that person. – M.F. Moonzajer.

♦ If talk is cheap, then being silent is expensive. And many people it seems, can’t afford to buy into it. – Anthony Liccione.

♦ Rumors are vicious, Talk is cheap, Words are malicious, Gossip is fake, and makes the deepest cut.

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Be the girl that everyone wants

I may not be the girl that everyone wants

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