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Do you need a chat room for Depressed people? Here on this page, I will be sharing with you, some of the most popular Depression chat rooms online. I was just like you in the beginning! To be honest, I totally felt like no one is understanding me and the way forward looked bleak and dark.

In those days, I really had no choice because even my parents saw how much depression was affecting my life, including social life, academic (school) and they decided that I will be getting medicine no matter what. You may be interested to know what really helped me.

Depression chat rooms honestly are not that bad as it sounds, and I’ll recommend that you should give it a try. However, I want to be bluntly honest with you. Do not rely on online depression support groups totally as nothing can cure depression but try gradually, no matter how small the effort is, to pull yourself out and it will surprise you to see how fast the behavioral therapy you work on.

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After reading very few journals, I discovered that the only thing Depression medicine does is raise your serotonin, or happy cells so you shouldn’t feel that hopeless when the depression is bothering or kicking in. Also, I feel like for me intrusive thoughts are a little less intrusive and bothersome as they were before I took medicine for depression, so that could be nice too.

But since am talking about myself and how I recovered, the biggest secret is accepting Jesus Christ as my lord and personal savior, knowing that the God of the Christian loves and always cared for me. I felt relieved, happy and alive, felt like my life now has more purpose since I know someone divine, Mighty and Loved is watching over me. The bible said he’s the “God of Love”. How can you love God and hate your neighbors? The Bible opened my eyes and I start seeing the world from a different angle than before.

Taking depressant drugs most time helps, but few times, it gives feelings of uncertainty. I believe that training ourselves to be okay with it and knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Much thoughts and prayers to you in the struggle. Yes, I usually visit depression chat rooms online and check to see if there are people suffering from this issue. Although I believed that mine has gotten better as I aged. BUT, when I’m pregnant I know that my depression gets hugely flared up. Personally, I think hormone is playing a huge role in this.

Seriously, you can get better without any help by joining depression chat rooms online, meeting others in this same conditions and together, finding the possible way out. Through these Depression chat rooms online, you get to meet people who will give you different advises and share their experiences. Some people can give you a head start, but I personally wouldn’t recommend most of the ideas because of its side effects which include emotionless or dis-associative feelings that you may get.

But I’ll recommend everyone with depression that they should probably try depression chat rooms if their depression is severe that it ruins most of their life activities and time. Depression does not ruin your life alone, but that of your family, friends, close associates and those that love you.

My friend has refused medicines and is not doing anything at the moment and hasn’t been for a few months, but I am noticing that he is constantly doing a few things himself now, cleaning his room, enjoying sports, discussing when watching matches, these are the small wins in life that make life happier since he started attending a bible believing church closed by.

Honestly, therapy usually helps but chemical imbalance needs to be treated with medicines to balance depression. I truly hate that I need to take medicines before I can function but I also don’t know where I’d be without them. I’m not dull or toned down by them (it’s a matter of finding what works for you) but they give me so much relief that therapy couldn’t fix as expected. Although I discovered that Mild depression can go away on its own. I sincerely hope that you’ll think of the solutions provided on this page and go through it.

Don’t forget, Jesus Christ loves you.

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