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Fabiha Sherazi Started As Working in the popular Ary Show Jeeto Pakistan as voluntary. But now, she is a famous Actress and Model of Pakistan.

Fabiha Sherazi Jeeto Phone Number

Name: Fabiha
Last: Sherazi
Age: 24 Year
Work: Jeeto Pakistan
Status: Single
Contact*: Jo Koi Muje Sa Dosti Krna Chahta hai wo apna Mobile Nicha
Comment Ma Chor Jaye Me KHud
Rabtah Karungi Thank You.

When it comes to discussing this beautiful girl, Voluntary worker and now, one of the best growing artist, it’s quite an amazing story.

Fabiha Sherazi is a young fashion model of Pakistan who gained popularity through the ARY’s show, Jeeto Pakistan. The host of this show is Fahad Mustafa and Fabiha is one of the assistants who was helping in the show.

Fahiba Sherazi Age: She was born on May 29th as she did publish on her official Instagram profile. However, but like other celebrities, inclusive of Men and girls, she did hid her birth year. So, if you’re looking for Fabiha Sherazi’s real age, you won’t find it anywhere on the internet. Better get a Jeeto Pakistan show ticket & ask her there!

Facebook: Facebook.com/Fabii.sherazi

Instagram: Here is her official Instagram account: Instagram.com/fabiha_sherazi

Fahiba Sherazi Contact: Fabiha’s publicly disclosed through her Instagram page that the email you can use in contacting her is, fabeehasherazi94@gmail.com. However, I think if you want to write to her, she might have an assistant to answer the emails if she ever uses it. But, there’s key information in it! The email ends with 94.

So, judging from what I’ve come to know, which is, whenever we add years in our Email ID, it’s usually our date of birth. So taking a clue from this email, I think 1994 is her birth year. If that’s right, Fabiha Sherazi would be 24 years old.

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