Filipina Dating Foreigner – The Truth and the Lies

Filipina’s have over the years, being judged because of the choices they’ve made. This I personally think should never even be a topic. It’s a choice to date whether you want to date your country person or not.

Before moving forward with the topic of the day “Filipina Dating Foreigner”, I would love to drop this quote by Earl Nightingale below.

“When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself”.

I’ve discovered that most guys and girls in the Philippines are quick to criticize the choices of their fellow Filipinos and Filipinas over dating a foreigner. Here is a quick guide to dissolve this mental backwardness.

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If you’re traveling either on your own (which means you already have your own money), or on business trips, the truth is that you will certainly meet a lot of travelers, and European love touring the world, and being a backpacker you shouldn’t expect another backpacker like you to take you to an expensive eatery.

This article is for all Filipinas who are being judged for their choice of dating a Foreigner instead of our Filipino men, well, Life is the choice you made, imagine if all Filipinas decided to ask our men to date only Filipina women, the outrage, lol.

Here are the most common misconceptions about Filipina dating foreigner which I would love to clear up right now.

Filipina Dating Foreigner Misconceptions.

1. She’s Dating a Foreigner Because of Visa Passport.

This is totally uncalled for, peradventure you meet someone from another nationality, would you likely say no because of his nationality? Although this fact cannot be denied, because there are perhaps some Filipinas who date foreigners because of their Visa, it’s just a few!

Some Filipinos/Filipinas are not aware that as a Citizen of the Philippines, you have access to travel to any country in the world with our very own Philippines passport. So this reason should be scrapped out. Why would we need to date foreigners if we can get things on our own?

2. Dating Foreigners Because of Money.

Here is another reason was given by those who are either unfortunate to travel out or make money in the country. Again, there are few Filipinas who would do this, but the majority of Filipinas dating foreigners didn’t start out by choosing them because of money.

Are you aware that you can make money in this country?
Are you also aware that one can actually date wealthy guys in the Philippines?

So what is the hassle all about? You can meet and date foreigners because you actually like their personality. If you’re blinded by money, honest truth is that once you break up, you’ll be deported.

3. Only Desperate Filipinas Dates Foreigners.

Please excuse me while I take a glass of water. This ideology is pitiable. I don’t understand why anyone would think that any Filipina who dates a foreigner must be desperate. Please, once again, it’s your life, your choice.

As a girl, I have dated Filipinos before and for quite a long time too (3 years). It’s pretty annoying even when Filipinas make comments like “if you can’t find a good Filipino, get a foreign man.” Honestly, this is a very stupid ideology too. There are lots of amazing, loving and faithful Filipino men all over the world, controlling multi-billion dollar companies and conglomerates.

The truth is that there are good and bad men in every country; nationality has little to do with how men behave. Although the idea of Filipinas marrying out of desperation can’t be scrapped out, this should not be the case. This happens in every country, not just in the Philippines alone.

4. You’ve Make Quick Money Marrying a Foreigner.

Again, this idealogy is wrong, and I hope most Filipinas are not taken over by this. Marrying a foreigner is even difficult because of the different money ideals you both share.

Most foreigners, e.g, Europeans, US citizens believes that the woman should work for her money, and same goes for the men too. If you believe that once you date a foreigner you finances are settled, sister, you’ve fooled yourself.

Get skills, learn some skills and look for a job.

What do you think about this? Would love to hear your thoughts or stories about a Filipina dating foreigners.

Article written by Katherine

I want others to be happy, seeing others in happy relationships gives me immense Joy and happiness, which is why this website is filled with Great contents to fulfill my readers days!

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