90 Get Well Soon Quotes for Her

Did you know you can make your girlfriend get well whenever she falls sick? Yes, you can with just these simple words am about to share with you, but before that, I will like to remind you that taking good care of your girlfriend, especially whenever she falls sick is one of the ways to convince her that you truly love and care for her. It’s obvious that a sick person needs medication to get well, aside from medicine they also need love and care from loved ones.

A sick person needs all these in order to get well soon. In the case of your girlfriend, she needs some affection from loved ones, especially from her boyfriend, your inspiring messages, smiles, jokes, stories, and warm embrace can put a smile on her face.

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I know one of the questions you should be asking is how you can do this since you are neither a storyteller, comedian or motivational speaker. You don’t need to be any of these to wish your lover good messages that would help her get well soon. Just with these lovely and inspiring get well soon messages, wishes, and quotes are about to share with you, your girlfriend will feel better and will be convinced that you truly love her no matter her condition. Below is the very best collection of these messages for your lover.

Get well soon lovely messages, inspiring quotes, and wishes for your lovely girlfriend:

Get Well Soon Quotes for Her.


get well soon messages for loved ones

♥. My love, I am falling ill from missing you. I need your kisses only, I don’t need drugs, only your kisses can make me recover. Please, my love, get well soon.

♥. Am sad my angel is feeling cold when it’s only her that makes me feel hot, the bitter pills you take make me feel bitter. It’s only you that makes my heart joyful, please get well soon my sweet pineapple.

♥. Sweetheart, it doesn’t matter how sick you are all I know is my love for you is stronger than any sickness. Speedy recovery is what I wish you, my love.

♥. Good medication can help you recover from this illness but nothing can make me recover from missing you, except seeing you in good health. Speedy recovery my love.

♥. Seeing you suffering from illness puts me in pain, I wish to see you smiling again hale and hearty. My love, get well soon because only your smiling face can deliver me from this pain.

Get well soon my love. I am missing your warm embrace, kisses, and good companionship.

♥. Believe me, sweetheart, if germs were to be humans I will fight and make sure they stop coming close to you. Am feeling jealous of that little thing called germs acting as a hindrance to the good times we do have together. Am wishing you a speedy recovery, my angel.

My heart is getting cold ever since you became ill, only you can make it warm. Please get well soon my dear friend.

♥. ♥. Ever since you became ill, I have been bitter, my tea no longer tastes sweet because you are the sugar in my tea. Get well soon my lovely girlfriend.

♥. If I could go into your body my love, I would live there being your immune system fighting against all diseases. Get well soon my love, your happiness is my priority.

♥. My love if kisses and hugs were to be medication, I promise you my love I will give it to you all day and night. Get well soon my heart longs for you.

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♥. Get well soon my love I have been ill ever since you are not around me and my doctor said only your kisses can make me feel better. Please get well soon my angel.

♥. My angel your sickness is affecting me emotionally. Am feeling depressed please my love I need to see you hale and hearty again because only you can make me feel better. Get well soon dear.

♥. Goodbye to bitter pills, injections, and balms I’m on my way to making you feel better. I feel better when you are hale and hearty. I wish you a speedy recovery.

♥. Life is boring without you around me my angel, friends, and families could not stop us not even enemies so no germs or diseases can. Recover soon, my love.

♥. My dear, ever since you became ill, I have been sad now it’s clearer to me you are the reason why am always happy. Get well soon the source of my happiness.

♥. Baby if it is more caring and affection you want baby am ever ready to give it all to you, but falling ill isn’t the right way of asking for more. Baby get well soon and be my Oliver Twist.

♥. My love if I were to be a doctor, I would always do my best to prevent diseases from affecting your body because this illness is taking some of the good times we should be sharing together. I wish you good health my love.

♥. The angel of my life I pray for your quick recovery. I wish I had the healing power it would be used for you alone.

♥. My angel, get well soon please my heart beats for you.

♥. Sweetheart, if the balm in Gilead could heal you, I would buy the whole of Gilead for you. Sweetheart am waiting for you to recover soon.

♥. My love medication is for the body but my love awaits your heart. I wish you a quick recovery, my love.

♥. Am on my way to meet you so I can see your tender face and touch your soft skin. I have been missing you, honey. Get well soon.

♥. I can’t stay without you any longer because my life seems meaningless without you. Please get well darling and make my life meaningful.

♥. I know you are ill, but am on my way to see you. Don’t be sad honey get well soon.

♥. Am feeling more pains seeing you going through pains my heart bleeds as your body bleeds. Please my love get well soon and deliver me from this pain.

♥. The smiles and good times we share together will last forever nothing can stop it not even sickness. I wish you a quicker recovery sweetie.

♥. Nothing can share my love for you. Am on my way to see you, sweetie. I pray you get well soon.

♥. I know you went through pain during and after the surgery. I am feeling more pain not having you around right now. Quicker recovery I wish you, my pride.

♥. Ever since you’ve been admitted to the hospital, my hearts beat twice a second. I couldn’t sleep yesternight and tonight. First thing tomorrow morning is me coming to see you, sweetie. Please get well soon.

Thirty best collections of Get well soon lovely messages, inspiring quotes, and wishes for your lovely girlfriend, these words were carefully chosen to express your feelings to her. These wishes have been presented above so you can choose from them, you can also pick from the other collections below.


Get Well Soon Quotes for Her

♥. Words can’t express my love for you, sweetie. I feel lonely now that you are ill, please sweetie get well soon.

♥. When you are ill, I fell ill too my love. I can’t live without you smiling by my side, please my love gets well soon.
These few days you’ve been ill my angel, I feel the darkness around me. I can’t breathe without you. Quicker recovery is what I wish you.

♥. Your loving heart towards me is so much that the sands in the seashore can’t measure it. Now that you are ill, I feel unloved, please my loving queen get well soon.

♥. I will always do my best to cherish and love you in any phase of our life. You first taught me the meaning of love and now am a student of your love. It doesn’t matter how hard the test and exam might look, I will continue to pass this course of love no matter the trials and temptations that may disguise in form of illness or whatever. I will forever remain a student of your love as I wait for you to feel better soon.

♥. Before now I knew the literary meaning of love, but you practicalized love to me, please my Sophia get well soon.

♥. To my best friend and my lover, please note that I am sorry you have to go through this. I’m feeling ill too please get well soon because I can’t live without you my lover and best friend.

♥. If germs were humans, I will fight them with the last drop of my blood for affecting my sweetie. I wish you a quicker recovery, my sweetie.

♥. Baby let me know how you are feeling, please am sorry you are ill. My pulse beats for you baby, feel better soon.

♥. I barely sleep at night since you became ill, I’ve been praying for you day and night because I feel unhappy about your health condition. I wish you a quick recovery.

♥. If I should say everything is okay with me, I will be telling lies because ever since you felt ill, I got affected too. I’m not just ill, but sick physically and emotionally too. I pray to the Lord for your quick recovery honey

♥. The prettiest girl I have ever seen is you, your face shines brighter than the sun, your lips sweeter than honey. Illness can’t stop the sun from shining on me being on my way to see your shiny face. Feel better pretty.

♥. My epitome of beauty, illness can’t stand against my love for you. I love you beautiful one, I’m on my way to the hospital to see you goddess of beauty. Feel better the beautiful one.

♥. You need to get better soon honey; each night I sleep I dream about you close to me but waking up I see my pillow. Please honey get better soon I want to see you in my dream and beside me when I’m awake.

♥. Honey, I miss the kisses from your soft lips, quick recovery I wish you, honey.

♥. I miss you, my sweetheart, I’m not much of a praying person but ever since you became ill, I turned into a prayer warrior and I will continue to pray without season until you get better soon.

♥. Love of my life, loving you is the greatest thing ever for me and I can’t stop loving you no matter your health condition. My heart is yours get better soon my love.

♥. Angel of my life you’ve been there for me in any condition. I will also do the same for you. I wish you a quick recovery, my angel.

♥. Honey your effort in my life has broken you down. Am for you always and I promise to reward you totally. Please honey recover soon I miss you.


♥. My love you’ve been my best and closest friend, since you became ill, I realize that I can’t live without you by my side. Please get well soon.

♥. Right now, I feel like I am being surrounded by my enemies because you’ve been admitted to the hospital. Now I know you are worth more than ten thousand friends to me. I’m down on my knees praying for you to get better soon, my love and best friend.

♥. Sweetie, your love for me is unexplainable, I miss you, sweetie. Get better soon.

♥. They say one good turn deserves another, but my queen the love you have shown me is not just once or twice, they are uncountable and I think is my time to show you how much I love you. I wish you better health sweetie.

♥. In sickness or in health I will forever love you my angel nothing can change my love for you. Feel better soon.

♥. My angel our friendship is stronger than any disease, no kind of illness can wither my love for you. Get healthier my angel.

♥. I never believed in love but you showed me how to love, you loved me even when I never knew what it meant to fall in love. Get well soon my first love.

♥. If I could take away one thing from this world, I think it will be sickness, but I don’t have the power to do that. I will hold your hands until you get better honey.

♥. Each time I see you lying down on this sick bed my hearts get weary. I have set my bed for you, my darling this hospital bed is not for you sweetie. Please get well soon.

♥. My angel if your body needs to rest my bed is there for you if your head needs a pillow am here for you. My love this hospital bed is not for you, please recover quickly.

♥. Baby I will always be your shepherd by your side always. I will always provide for you, whenever you need rest, I will always be your resting shoulder. Please get better soon.

We have offered you Sixty best collections of getting well soon lovely messages, inspiring quotes, and wishes for your lovely girlfriend, these words can be sent to the one you truly love, and we are convinced that these quotes or words will make your lover feel better no matter the health condition of your lover. These words can be sent via SMS or various social media platforms.

Romantic Get Well Text Message for Her.

romantic get well soon text message


♠. You are catching cold sweetie, am on my way to give you hot kisses that no cold can resist. Get well soon sweetie.

♠. A lot of men have tried but they couldn’t take you away from me my darling, so no disease can as well. I have gift for you get well soon my love.

♠. My lovely angel your body is my temple of love and I will forever worship it, it’s no home for sickness. Get well soon my angel

♠. Hottest girl in town catching cool? it’s unbelievable am on my way to make you warm again. I am missing you sweetie please get well soon.

♠. Baby, you are infected with germs the doctor said, am coming right away to fight those germs with my hot kisses. Get well soon baby.

♠. I know you broke down because of how hard you’ve been working all these years to make life better for us, sweetie take a nice rest am ever ready to be a workaholic to make life better for us. Get well soon my love.

♠. Princess since you fell ill, I felt like a sheep without a shepherd. Get well soon my lovely shepherd.

♠. Sweetie the world is waiting to behold your beauty. I wish you a quick recovery.

♠. You are like the sun that shines at noon and the moon that shine at night, sickbed isn’t for you, my light. Get well soon and shine brighter.

♠. Darkness can’t stop light from shining, you are light baby! Yes, you are, no illness can stop you from shining. Arise and shine.

♠. Please get well soon darling, I can’t live without you by my side. I miss you, baby.

♠. As water is essential for all life, so your love is essential to my soul. Please get well soon my love.

♠. Princess my soul pants for your love, as the deer pants for the water. Please get well soon am going dry of your love my princess.

♠. Since you felt ill, I became ill too, now I know you are the reason am always healthy. Sooner recovery I wish you, my love.

♠. Stay safe, stay strong darling, my kneels are down praying to the Most High God for your sake. It’s well with your health, my honey.

♠. Angel of my life ever since you felt ill my life paused like a movie, here I am waiting for your sweet love to take control of me again. Get well soon am missing you, my dear.

♠. You aren’t so strong now, but my love for you is stronger than any disease. I wish you a quicker recovery, my princess.

♠. Sweetheart, you don’t deserve to be ill, only what you deserve is good love from me, and am ready to give you all of me. Please get well soon am waiting.

♠. If money could buy everlasting good health, believe me, baby I would break the bank for you. Get well soon my love.

♠. Baby I know your body needs rest, but not on the sick bed my shoulder and all parts of my body are all yours. Get well soon baby.

♠. If pills were kisses, I would give them to you sweetie to keep you healthy forever. I wish you, a quickie recovery my darling.

♠. I miss your beautiful face and smiles. Get well soon my Epitome of beauty.

♠. Loving you is my greatest achievement baby; I can’t wait to see my honor get up from the sickbed. Please get well soon am missing you.

♠. The beautiful one, am getting jealous of those tiny things called germs, am on my way to give you hot kisses that can kill those germs. I wish you a speedy recovery.

My love I feel sad to see you ill, if I could I would take this illness for your sake. Get well soon honey.

♠. Oh! Queen, your servant is ever ready to serve you with good love day and night. Please get well soon my queen.

♠. My angel my bed is for you, and not this hospital bed. Get well soon and take your place.

♠. Get well soon sweetie, your love is of more value to me than gold.


So far these get well soon messages were carefully chosen to express to your girlfriend that you truly love and care for her. You can make use of these quotes and messages on various social media platforms or you can send it as a text message to her. How you can do this is to simply pick or copy one or more of these quotes then add it to your lover’s picture(s) then tag some person and send it to her. Sending your lover these quotes will make her feel happy, and better and will help her to get well soon.

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