Girls Phone Numbers to Text – Real Girls Mobile Contacts to Text

girls phone numbers to text – I recently shared a list of girls phone numbers to text, but it seems like readers of these websites are still interested in getting girls phone numbers to text, single ladies Whatsapp numbers, etc.

Before anything, I would love to clearly disclose here, that these numbers are 100% real and these girls are eager to connect with good, kind-hearted, responsible, and respectful guys online. Some are interested in learning your Language, Culture, discuss their hobbies like Movie watching, Books, science, etc.

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For guys who are interested and looking for girls phone numbers to text (text or SMS mate) here is the complete collection and list which is published below.

We promise to update this post constantly, adding more girls numbers for text and removing the ones who have enough text mates.

girls numbers to text

Girls Phone Numbers to Text.

I would love to disclose this here before sharing with you, Girls mobile numbers to send SMS or text. Do take note that before you decide to send a text message to a total stranger online for the first time, we ask that you write and then take time to read what you wrote before hitting that ‘send’ button on your mobile phone either through Whatsapp, Migchat, Chatkaro or Telegram.

These ladies are not your usual call-girls, rather, they are classy girls with respect and reputation, beautiful and intelligent girls who are eager to learn more about you, customs, traditions, and culture.

When you want to chat, it is better you take it slowly while connecting with them. You can also call them if you want to. But sending text messages is the best idea to get to know her quickly.

Girls Number List to Chat and Text.

Before sharing the girls numbers list or collection here, I would love you to know you can also add these Girls Number via Whatsapp and chat with them too. Honestly, choosing to add these girls Numbers via Whatsapp will be much easier and cost-effective for you.

The numbers which are shared below belong to girls from the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, Canada, and the USA. If you are a lady and you would like us to add your number to this list, then you can add it through the comment section and verify it, then we’ll add it here.

USA Girls Numbers to Text.

Name: Sherry Julie.
Status: The purpose of living is to bring a smile to the face of friends whenever your name is mentioned.
Age: 21
Contact: +1 210 460 4151

Name: Jasmine
Status: Smile, it confuses your enemies.
Age: 23
Contact: +1 315949 3958

Name- Lily
Status-I Love Usa
+1 315949 3959

India Girls Numbers to Text.

Name: Preety
Country: India.
Mobile: +918874521***

Name: Rajani
Country: India.
Mobile: +918852414***

Name: Veenita
Country: India.
Mobile: +919909078***

Qatar Girls Mobile to Text.

Name: Yoyo
Location: Fuwayrit
Number: +97474465***

Name: Elisa
Location: Qatar
Number: +97450783***.

I promise to add more mobile contacts and numbers of hundreds of beautiful ladies around the world who are interested in having textpals. If you are interested and need more phone numbers, don’t hesitate to use the comment box and request for it.

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