105+ Beautiful Good Night Prayer For My Girlfriend in September 2023

Want to send your girlfriend a sweet, romantic, and same time, powerful good night prayer message? Here are over 50+ good night prayer for my girlfriend that I strongly recommend you look into.

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For guys who don’t call their girlfriends in the morning, You should NEVER forget to send your girlfriend a message at night, telling her that even though you didn’t call her during the day, she was in your thoughts. A good night prayer goes a long way in showing your girlfriend that you cared for her physical, and spiritual well-being.

Seeing a text message (SMS) WhatsApp message, Telegram, or Facebook message before sleeping, will show her how much she cares.

Goodnight Prayer for My Girlfriend.

Goodnight Prayer for My Girlfriend

♣. As you sleep tonight bae, I pray that God Almighty watch over you and that you wake up refreshed and strengthened tomorrow. Goodnight beautiful.

♥. The night is here again, providing you with the perfect time to rest and be relieved of the stress of the day. May God watch over you, protect you, and refreshes you for a better tomorrow. G’night, my baby.

♥. As you go to bed tonight, may your sleep be beautiful, and your strength renewed like that of the eagle tomorrow morning. Goodnight, my sweetheart.

♥. To my sweetheart, angel of my life, as you’re about to go to bed, know that life is full of ups and downs. But, always remember God’s promise to never leave nor forsake you. You’re the apple of his eyes, goodnight my favorite.

♥. God’s word is Yes and AMEN, and he says he will give his angels charge over you, I pray that as you sleep tonight, may God’s heavenly angel watches over you. Have a blessed night baby girl.

good night prayer wishes for my girlfriend

♥. Dearest love, even as you sleep tonight, may you be fully loaded with all the benefits of being God’s child, now and forevermore. Have a good night’s rest, Princess.

♥. I thought having a girlfriend is stressful and resource-taking, but you’ve proven to be the exact opposite. You’re a blessing to me, my life! Good night.

♥. I love you now and forever baby girl. Since meeting you, my life has changed for good. I’m more happy, more joyous, enjoying prosperity, good health, all because of you. Good night my heart.

♥. Sweetheart, God delights in your peace and sound health, and the same goes for me. I pray that you enjoy divine peace and sound health from God as you sleep tonight, in Jesus’ Christ mighty name, Amen.

♥. God’s plan for us is that of good and not evil to give you happiness, prosperity, good health. May all these goodies be your portion in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen. Good night.

♥. Before sleeping, I prayed that God’s best be your portion all the days of your life, and that you receive the spirit of excellence in everything you do. May you excel above the expectations of everyone! Good night pretty one.

♥. Tonight, may you have the most peaceful sleep as you rest from today’s labor. Today’s labor shall be your tomorrow’s testimony. Sweet dream prettiest.

♥. Your tomorrow’s blessing will make the world celebrate you. Sleep early and don’t forget to pray. G’night beauty.

♥. May your sleep tonight be peaceful, your tomorrow be over-productive, and may you soar as on Eagle’s wing. Good night baby girl.

♥. May all your heart desires be achieved, and all your hard work never be in vain. Put your trust in the Lord and see his glory shine in your life. Good night my love!

♥. Dearest, the most beautiful sleep comes when our heart is at rest, may we learn to embrace contentment and be thankful for what we have, that we may find peace for our hearts, even when we don’t have all we craved for. Goodnight beauty.

♥. Best friend, I pray that your sleep tonight will be your best sleep ever, full of joy and vigor. I wish you a peaceful and calm rest as you sleep tonight. Goodnight my sweetheart.

♥. May your sleep be sound, full of comfort, and filled with dreams of a glorious future. Dear friend, I hope you always remember to give thanks. Have a sound sleep.

♥. A sweet and wonderful night rest is all I wish for you. May God’s care be lavished upon you and you enjoy rest under the shadow of His wings. Sleep tight, dear friend.

♥. I wish you a sweet night’s rest that you will want more of, and always crave. May your sleep be so thrilling, that it’s thought cause you to crave for the close of the day. I wish you a blessed night that you’ll always long for. Sleep well, my dearest.

♥. As you sleep tonight, I pray that you will be secured and your safety is assured because of God’s promises in Psalm 91:11. Sleep early my darling and wake up to a bright morning.

♥. It’s time to sleep after a long day’s work, my Queen, love of my heart, my heartbeat, make sure you free your mind and relax your muscles, May God protects you as you sleep. Goodnight.

♥. In 2 Thessalonians 3:16, the Bible said: “Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means.” May God’s powerful hand protect you and provide all your needs according to his riches in glory. Good night.

♥. When we sleep, we lose the ability to defend ourselves, no matter how strong we are. Only God who never sleeps, nor slumbers can protect you. May he watches over you. Good night princess.

♥. I pray that the Almighty God protect you and shield you from every evil attack, and may all battles against you be destroyed. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. You made me believe in True Love. Good night baby girl.

♥. To the only girl who gives me shortness of breath, I pray that God protects you and watches over you as you sleep. May Heavenly angels guard you jealously and wake you up tomorrow. Goodnight my heart holder.

♥. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day, and I can’t wait to share it with you. I pray that the angels of God keep watch over you tonight so that I will see you safe and sound tomorrow. Have a great night rest.

♥. The night hours provide us with the perfect time to relax and regain our strength. Yes, even though I’m physically separated from you, my heart is with you. Have an amazing night’s rest my Princess.

♥. Before going to bed, I pray that your night will be as beautiful as you made my day. Sweet dreams darling!

♥. Forget about the little stresses I give because I love and I care about you deeply. May you have a safe sleep and a dream full of victory. Goodnight dearest.

♥. I thought I can do without you, but your absence has forced me to realize just how much you mean to me. Sleep well and wake up to an amazing day ahead. I love you and goodnight baby girl.

♥. Distance has made me realize how much I enjoyed your troubles, talks, and way of analyzing things, lolz. May God protect you for me and give you a beautiful night’s rest as you sleep tonight. I love you darling!

♥. Darling girl, Queen of my heart, even though we’re separated, our hearts beat together, I love and care about your total well-being. Tonight, I pray that God protects and gives you an invigorating night’s rest. Hold me in your hearts! I love you.

Romantic Short Good Night Prayer For My Girlfriend.

♣. Darling, I hope that you had a great day. Let me remind you, that you deserve an amazing night’s rest too. Good night and God bless you, my heartbeat. I love you forever.

♣. I think my day is ONLY complete when I talk to you, read your messages, and know that you’re doing fine. Do have a beautiful night’s rest, my angel. I love you.

♣. I enjoyed spending my day with you, any time I spend with you is embedded in my memory forever. Thanks for allowing me to love you princess. Have a good night’s rest.

♣. Before going to sleep tonight, I want to wish you a night’s rest as beautiful as you. God bless you, dearest. Good night and sweet dreams.

♣. May you have a sweet sleep and calming rest, I pray that you wake up refreshed and renewed. Goodnight baby girl.

♣. I wish I can stay with you for the next 24hrs, but right now, it’s impossible. So I say, have a good night’s rest, and always remember that I love you so much.

♣. It’s sad to be away from you but trust me, you always hold the most special place in my heart. Goodnight and God bless you, darling.

♣. I wish you a safe night’s rest, may you be preserved and protected as you retire to bed tonight. Sleep tight, God bless you, my angel.

♣. Your smiles were so beautiful and bright that I never knew that the night has come. It’s hard seeing you leave. But thank God you love me too! But I love you more. Good night my Queen.

♣. It’s difficult seeing you off because I want to spend every available time with you. I can’t wait to have you back tomorrow, my love. Goodnight and God bless you, my prettiest.

♣. I’m going to bed with the thought of you filling my heart and making me smile happily. Darling, I hope I am with you too. Goodnight and God bless you.

♣. May your night be full of brightness and beauty. Your dreams be full of love and kindness. May God continue to protect you and bless you forever. Goodnight.

♣. May your tomorrow be great and rewarding, sleep well my peace of mind. Goodnight and God bless you my dearest.

♣. Thank you so much for your love and care. May the Lord protect you and care for you as you sleep tonight. I love you darling.

♣. Every day, I thank God for bringing us together. You’ve added so much joy, inspiration, sparks, and meaning to my life. I’m so lucky to have you. goodnight and God bless you, my dear.

♣. My Prettiest Queen, believe me, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Good night and sleep well, my love.

♣. Unbelievable that I thought people falling in love are stupid, till I met you. You are my everything. Have a beautiful night’s rest. Queen of heart.

♣. Even when I closed my eyes, I still see the picture of you, the thought of you fills my heart. I love you, darling. God bless you my prettiest.

♣. Being with you has made me strong to face my fears, and doubts and believe that tomorrow is better. I love you so much, G’night baby girl.

♣. May your night be blessed, and your day be bright and beautiful as you. Goodnight my love, may God send his angels to watch over you as you sleep.

♣. You deserve the best, rest your mind and relax your body. Sweetheart, God bless you and have a beautiful night rest.

♣. I wish you a dream beautiful just like you are. Sleep well, my love. God bless you.

♣. Goodnight my love, I am looking forward to a beautiful morning brightened up by your smiles.

♣. I made you my wallpaper, because seeing your beautiful face, smiles before sleeping, or waking up is a gift. Thanks for choosing me, and good night my dearest love.

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