Hasvitha Name Meaning in Urdu – Everything You Need to Know

Would you love to know the Hasvitha Name meaning in Urdu? The Hasvitha name meaning in Urdu is NULL. There are lots of girls in India who are named Hasvitha. Note here, that Hasvitha is a Hindu Hindi Girl name with lucky number.

Meaning of Hasvitha in English

Here is the Hasvitha Name meaning in English. The meaning of this Hindi name is “Full of Happiness” or “Being Happy”.

Name Hasvitha
Gender Girl
Meaning Full of Happiness; Being Happy
Origin Hindi
Lucky #


Hasvitha Meaning in Hindu

नाम Hasvitha
लिंग लड़की
अर्थ खुशियों से भरपूर; खुश रहना
मूल हिंदी
भाग्यशाली अंक





Hasvitha name meaning

Hasvitha Name Meaning In Urdu & English

Hasvitha is a Hindu name for only girls and it is an Hindi originated name. Hasvitha means “Full of Happiness” or “Being Happy”

Names is given to us as a way for others to identify us, and also an identification in the world. You carry this identification from cradle to grave. Most cultures give great value to names, and people in these cultures, spend a huge amount of time trying out the best names for their kids.

However, people in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany don’t place much value to the name given to their child, as study have shown that they do name their children, after popular characters in Movie series. Are you surprised? in a recent research conducted, it shows that the name, Khaleesi, a character in Games of thrones, is one of UK highest’s names after new born girls.

Most parents do spend lots of time searching for a suitable name for their new born. Hasvitha is one of the best Hindi name you can give to a girl.

Hasvitha is a very unique name with great meaning. It is also of Arabic origin.

Are you willing to call your girl daughter Hasvitha?

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