Indian College Girls Whatsapp Numbers 2021

Searching for Indian college girls Whatsapp Numbers? Welcome on board! Because we have here with us, lists of them all.

Here, you will be getting the list of hundreds of Indian girls in colleges around the universities, colleges in India. These girls are seeking to hook up with guys from around the world including Indian guys!

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These beautiful girls did send me a message on our Telegram group, asking me to include their names and numbers on this list.

Some of them are searching for guys who are unmarried and are ready for friendship.

Please take note that you must not insult any of these girls, simply add any one of your choice below, and start chatting with her. If she likes you, you guys can take it up from there, and start dating.

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Most of these Indian girls who shared their WhatsApp numbers are shy and would like to start a friendship on the internet first. For instance, when you start chatting with them, don’t ask for personal pictures, because it is bad.

Indian girls Whatsapp Number.

indian whatsapp group Names Status Age Phone Numbers
Indian College Girls Whatsapp Numbers Harini Don’t drink and drive. You might hit a bump and spill your drink 21 9840494189
hot india girl whatsapp number BANU Don’t drink and drive. You might hit a bump and spill your drink 23 8056268567
20 years real whatsApp girl phone number in India DHANALAXMI Life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance, you must keep moving 25 9566601186
real whatsApp girl phone number in India Kovai item The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions. 23 7305798794
real WhatsApp girl phone numbers in India Maha Girls Express Their Feelings Via Tears. Boys Express Their Feelings Via Beers. 23 9962112244
india girls real WhatsApp number Nisha A tear is made of 1% of water and 99% of feelings 21 9524202907
Real WhatsApp number in India priya I do not get drunk- I get awesome. 19 9786770138
sridevi The only time I love spending is with my love. 18 8344804632
Malaysia Girls Whatsapp Numbers Sudha Love is life, Life is love – No argument 19 9965456391
pak girls mobile numbers PRIYA My Whatsapp page, my Kingdom, and am the Queen. 20 9597800183
pakistan girl whatsapp number Dana Going to Macdonald for a salad is very crazy, but I absolutely love it. 20 8129864578
Item Do not argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. 23 7708137461
Princess Dear Teacher, I talk to everyone, so moving my seat won’t help. Sincerely, Student. 24 9944767662
KANIMOZHI It’s not an attitude, it’s the way I am. 23 8344804632
real WhatsApp girl phone number Sridevi Don’t judge me I was born to be awesome not perfect. 21 9092146079
Kala Time is precious… Waste it wisely. 22 9787673724
Renuka Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. 22 8939475122
Harini I’m jealous of my parents, I’ll never have a kid as cool as theirs. 21 8949488123


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