Kerala Girls Whatsapp Numbers for Online Friendship, Chatting and Fun

Kerala Girls are among the most beautiful girls in India, thanks to their lovely shaped faces, amazing attitude, and beautiful laughter.

One thing which is widely believed about Kerala girls is their beauty, amazing smile, and intelligence. Another known attitude about Kerala girls is their amazing respect for Men. Kerala girls sure know how to treat a man right.

Today, I will be sharing with you, some of the most beautiful Kerala girls numbers. Not just that, but I will be constantly updating this list with fresh numbers and will be removing the old ones. So be sure to bookmark this.

If you have met Kerala girls on social media or in real life, then you will be eager to meet more, because of their amazing smile, attitude towards life, etc.


Please take note that these mobile numbers belong to girls who willingly shared them online. These girls are lonely and are looking for friends online, who they want to chat with, laugh, be friends.

With these mobile phone numbers below and pictures, you get to choose any of these Kerala girls of your choice. The ladies are interested in friendship and relationships only. Please be courteous while chatting with them.

However, for those willing to get married to a Kerala girl, then here is your opportunity to meet lots of Kerala girls. You can reach any of these girls through their contacts below, and get to know each other through Whatsapp chatting.

Kerala Girls Whatsapp Numbers.


Name: Archana
Age: 20 years
City/State: Kerala
Religion: Hindu
Hobbies: Reading, Meeting new friends, dancing, and Movies.
Whatsapp mobile number: +915850201475.

I am Archana am from Kerala and I am 20 years of age. I will be happy to be connected with people in India and from around the world. I am looking forward to meeting new friends living in Kerala, around India or any part of the world. I want to meet kind heart people who will love me regardless of ethnic group and religion.

Kerala Girls Number.


Name: Charu
Age: 24 years
City/State: Kerala
Religion: Muslim
Hobbies: Reading Novels, Movies, Dancing, Singing
Whatsapp mobile number: +916032014102.

Hi there, my name is Charu, 24 years old and I hail from Kerala. I am presently a student of the IMJ Matrushree Commerce College Kerala. I am interested in meeting a guy who is in need of a serious relationship.

I will be willing to marry a boy who is educated and who has a good heart that can satisfy me emotionally.

Kerala girl Whatsapp Phone Number.


Name: Anjali
Age: 23 years old
Religion: Christianity
Hobbies: Swimming, Sports, Reading, writing.
City/State: Kerala
Whatsapp mobile number: +919902310991

I am Anjali from Kerala in India. This year, I will be 23 years old. I like living life and having harmless fun. I will be happy to meet a guy from Kerala or any part of the world who is interested in being friends with a Kerala girl. I am interested in meeting new friends, and we can get to know ourselves through Whatsapp. Surely, we can communicate through phone calls and text messages.

hot Kerala girls

Name: Kayla
Age: 20 years
Religion: Hindu
Hobbies: Hockey, Baseball, writing, and Decoration.
City/State: Kerala
Whatsapp mobile number: +91712723052.

My name is Kayla Gupsta and I will be clocking 20 years of age this month (happy birthday in advance to me). I am interested in meeting new friends who will also be interested in meeting me. I am emotionally down and am looking for a friend who is Trustworthy.

My ex was an emotionally abusive person with who I made the huge mistake of falling in love. I am looking forward to meeting new friends.

Interested in any of these Kerala Girls Numbers?

If you are interested in any of these Kerala girls, then you can use the contact number below and add them through Whatsapp. However, if for any reason you can’t add them, then drop your phone number, age and indicate which one you want as your friend. She will add you up.

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