4 Tests That MEN Put Women through who they Want To Marry

How can you tell if the man who wants to marry or propose to you, isn’t putting you through a series of test? Here are some ways guys treat women

1. Test You with food.

This may sound funny, but hey, you need to know those little things matter. Whenever you come to his house, he may serve you three meat.

Now, if eats all three of the meats, he’ll categorize you as a woman with no thought for the future. Lol. He’ll say that a girl like this will simply eat through his life savings.

However, if you eat two and leave one, you’re mannered and well-trained.

2. Leave Dirty Cloths.

When he takes you to his parent’s house, there’s a subtle message/clues he may leave and want to see your reaction. He might leave dirty clothes in the parlor (sitting room) and see how you behave.

If as a lady, you gather it to wash, you’ve scored high in his books.

Here’s the best way to blow his mind. His mum might pack the dirty clothes and act as if they’re going to wash them. Say things like, “Ah, don’t worry, what am I here for?” then to them, you have home training.

3. Leaving his house dirty and your reactions.

Another method men who are ready for marriage test you, is by leaving their house dirty.

There’s no two way to this. First, they want to know how you react. If you don’t clean his dirty place when you come visiting, how will you do it when you both get married and maybe that week, you’re busy at work, event or something else? Isn’t the purpose of marriage to have a woman who can turn the house into a HOME?

4. Your reference to siblings as “Auntie” and “Brother.”

One thing I know guys are 100% serious about is Respect. No matter how beautiful or sweet a girl is, if she’s not respectful, no sane man would want her as a wife.

Culture is culture and must be respected. So your reference to his siblings as Auntie or Brother matters to him a lot.

Article written by Katherine

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