Mumbai girls Whatsapp Numbers Looking For Friendship

Am going to share with you, Mumbai girls Whatsapp numbers list. There are numerous girls in Mumbai, India who are looking for online friendship. Aasha sent us a message earlier today, clearly saying that she is bored and would love to become friends with guys on the internet.

If you’re interested in becoming friends with Aasha Hahai, then here’s your opportunity. Aasha is a twenty-three (23) years old girl who is always reading, writing, listening to music, and dancing.

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One of her major hobbies is technology, as she’s always intrigued by anything technology in this 21st century.

Here is the message Aasha Hahai from Mumbai, India sent to us.

Hi, my name is Aasha Hahai from Mumbai city, which is India’s largest city and is the heart of Bollywood movies. I am currently working in a private mobile company as a call operator, and it is a shift job.

I am 24 years old, I have never been married before and I am living alone. I am happy and I love watching Bollywood movies, Sci-fi movies, and lots of youtube tutorial videos on technology. I have been living in Mumbai for quite a long time, and very interested in meeting guys who are interested in the same things as I am.

Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Numbers.

Mumbai girls whatsapp numbers

Name: Aasha
Age: 24
Mobile number: 8971088636
Location: Mumbai
Status: Single
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship
Mobile Company: Airtel.

Mumbai Girls Mobile Number List 2021.

Mumbai Girls Mobile Number List

First Name: Mitali.
Last Name: Jape.
Marital Status: Single and not searching.
Age: Twenty-three (23) years old.
Occupation: Study.
Hobbies: Dating, Chatting, Reading, Playing Games, Eating, Study.
Email Id: For privacy reasons, we won’t be displaying her email publicly.
Whatsapp Number: +91659863785.

Hi, My Name is Mitali, and I hail from Mumbai in India, My Hobbies are chatting, reading, playing games, eating, study, and this year will be making me twenty-three (23) years old. Currently, I am in medical school studying in the United Kingdom, because my Dad is a Doctor and I want to be a medical practitioner too.

However, due to the holidays, and since being back in India, I need new friends, which is why I am sharing my Whatsapp Number to meet decent friends through this platform.

Meet Anita.

mumbai girls number list

First Name: Anita.
Last Name: Tupe.
Marital Status: Single.
Age: Twenty-seven (27) years old.
Occupation: Student.
Hobbies: Modelling, Walkways, etc.
Whatsapp Number: +919965820102

My Name is Anita and I am 100% Indian who is proud of her heritage. I have been living in Mumbai for more than 10 years now and I know that one day soon, Mumbai will be among the top 5 best cities in the world.

My hobbies include dancing, watching movies, Modelling, etc. I am interested in meeting genuine friends online who cares.

Mumbai Marathi Girls Whatsapp Numbers For Dating.

mumbai girls numbers lists

  • First Name: Minal.
  • Last Name: Kumari.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Age: Twenty-five (25) years old.
  • Occupation: Student.
  • Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Watching Movies.
  • Whatsapp Number:+91856201201.

My full name is Minal Kumari, and I am Indian. I would love to meet new friends and connect with people online. This period is tiresome and I’m bored. I would love to connect with people with the same hobbies as mine.

My WhatsApp number is shared below, anyone who is interested in meeting me can use the number to reach out to me.

mumbai girls numbers online

Geeta Bharate.

  • Full Name: Geeta Bharate.
  • Age: Twenty-one (21) years old.
  • Location: Thane.
  • Whatsapp Number:- +(91)7541020102.
  • Hobbies: Teaching, traveling, meeting new people.

Rita Kapase.

Name: Rita Kapase
Age: Twenty-two (22) years old.
Location: Satara.
Whatsapp Number: +(91)4520203256

Hello, My name’s Rita and I am twenty-two (22) years old. I hope to be a motivational speaker one day and be on the ZedTalk podium. I am eager to meet people with the same dream, who love motivating people and seeing the best in every situation.

Ayesha Jadhav.

  • Full Name: Ayesha Jadhav.
  • Age: Twenty-four (24) years old.
  • Location: Aurangabad
  • Whatsapp Number: +(91)-865202036.

List of Mumbai Girls Mobile Numbers online.

  • Name: Swati.
  • ┬áLocation:-Nagpur.
  • Whatsapp Number: +(91)-856520210.


  • Name: Kavita.
  • Age: Twenty-five (25) years old.
  • Location: Panderpur
  • Whatsapp Number: +(91)-4575201021.


  • Name: Shila
  • Age: Twenty-one (21) years old.
  • Location: Beed.
  • Whatsapp Number: +(91)7520326525


  • Name: Punam.
  • Age: Twenty-six (26) years old.
  • Location: Kolhapur.
  • Whatsapp Number: +(91)6520310101.


  • Name: Mitali.
  • Age: Twenty-three (23) years old.
  • Location: Dader.
  • Whatsapp Number: +(91)986520123.


  • Name: Devika.
  • Age: Twenty-one (21) years old.
  • Location: Pune.
  • Whatsapp Number: +(91)7586958421.


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