Nigeria Whatsapp Group Links

Hey there, are you interested in joining the very best Nigeria Whatsapp group links? Here on this page, I will be providing you with the best Links to joining Nigerian Whatsapp Groups.

Unlike other portals where you are shown only ONE Nigeria Whatsapp group, Here on, I will be providing you with the latest hottest groups in their various states.

For those who are not aware, there are 36 states in Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

You can now join various Nigeria WhatsApp Group links, chat and connect with thousands of Nigerians on WhatsApp.

Nigeria WhatsApp Group links

What You Need to Know.

Joining a Nigerian Whatsapp group is 100% FREE, but make sure you follow the rules and regulations, else you will be kicked out from all the Groups and there is no chance of joining again.

Once again, I would love to say this here. Ensure that you do not spam the Groups shared below and do not post anything irrelevant.

To join WhatsApp Groups in Nigeria, click on any of the Group Links below. Make sure you are accessing this via your smartphone so you can automatically connect to Whatsapp.

Nigeria WhatsApp Group Invite Links.

Join Group: Abuja WhatsApp Group Link

Port Harcourt WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Port Harcourt WhatsApp Group Link

Enugu WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Enugu WhatsApp Group Link

Awka WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Awka WhatsApp Group Link

Benin WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Benin WhatsApp Group Link

Uyo WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Uyo WhatsApp Group Link

Calabar WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Calabar WhatsApp Group Link

Owerri WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Owerri WhatsApp Group Link

Kaduna WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Kaduna WhatsApp Group Link

Ibadan WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Ibadan WhatsApp Group Link

Jos WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Jos WhatsApp Group Link

Sokoto WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Sokoto WhatsApp Group Link

Lagos WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Lagos WhatsApp Group Link

Kano WhatsApp Group

Join Group: Kano WhatsApp Group Link


Final Conclusion.

If you want, you can basically join all these Whatsapp groups and Make friends with Nigerians both within the country and Diaspora. These Nigerian Whatsapp group links provides you the opportunity to meet, chat and make new friends with Nigerians online.

Goodluck to you and don’t forget to share this information with your friends on Social Media, using either Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp below.


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