Real Buddha Quotes (50 Real Buddha Quotes On Life, Peace & Change)

Real Buddha Quotes: Are you searching for authentic Buddha quotes that will change your perspective about life and how you live in general? Below are 100 handpicked real Budha quotes on peace, love, change, and life in general. I hope you find them interesting.

Top 100 Real Buddha Quotes

Buddhism is actually a practice of awareness, and those who actively engage in it are those who seek to gain wisdom and higher understanding. You can find lots of Buddha quotes on the internet, but most of them are not associated with real Buddha quotes. They’re fake and unverified.

Real Buddha Quotes

Although those fake and miss-associated quotes may also be uplifting, nevertheless it violates and corrupt the vision of Buddha for his followers – which is enlightenment. Below are Real Buddha Quotes taken from the Buddhist scriptures.

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1. “Radiate boundless love towards the entire world.” – Buddha

This is one of Buddha’s teachings on expressing love towards all creation. This is a real Buddha quote and it was gotten from the Karaniya Metta Sutta.

2. “As a water bead on a lotus leaf, as water on a red lily, does not adhere, so the sage does not adhere to the seen, the heard, or the sensed.” – The Buddha

This is another real Buddha quote and it happens to be one of the Jara’s old age. It was actually taken from the Sutta of the Sutta Nipata.

Real Buddha Quotes on thinking

3. “Delight in heedfulness! Guard well your thoughts!” The Buddha

Above lies another genuine Buddha quote which tries to caution it’s followers on the essence of guarding their thoughts with great discretion.

4. “All tremble at violence; all fear death. Putting oneself in the place of another, one should not kill nor cause another to kill.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada, verse 129)

This is another intriguing Buddha’s quote directly taken from Dhammapada verse 129. What the quote above means is that no man wants to die, not even the killer himself. Thus, if you don’t want to die, then try not to kill anyone or cause anybody to kill another.

5. “When watching after yourself, you watch after others. When watching after others, you watch after yourself.” The Buddha (From the Samyutta Nikaya)

This unedited Buddha quote was taken from the Samyutta Nikaya, and it talks about watching out for others while watching after yourself. It also emphasized that while watching after others, you shouldn’t forget to also watch out for yourself.

6. “One is not called noble who harms living beings. By not harming living beings one is called noble.” The Buddha (From the Dhammapada, Verse 270)

The Buddha’s quote above is taken from the Buddhist scripture Dhammapada Verse 270. It admonishes murders of all kinds, whether those who kill their fellow humans or those that kill animals and other living creatures. Don’t get it twisted, it’s not official that Buddhists are vegetarians but they believe that killing; whether animals or man, destroys compassion.

7. “The Root Of Suffering Is Attachment.” – The Buddha (Pali canon)

This quote is a real canonical saying. It was taken from the Pali canon with the original translation as ‘upadhi dukkhassa mūlanti’, which translates to “Attachment is the root of suffering.” It is also found in the sutta but translated as “Acquisition is the root of stress.” by Thanissaro although most people believe his translation to be idiosyncratic. You also find the “Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation” in the Middle Length Discourses of the great Buddha, page 868, where it translates it as “attachment is the root of suffering,” but Buddha also, Buddha in the page sometimes substitute ‘attachment’ with ‘acquisition’ while repeating the phrases.

8. “Live With No Sense Of ‘Mine,’ Not Forming An Attachment To Experiences.” – The Buddha (Sutta Nipata)

This is another real Buddha quote from the Sutta Nipata. It seems to serve as a further explanation to the “attachment is the root of suffering” quote.

9. “A Mind Unruffled By The Vagaries Of Fortune, From Sorrow Freed, From Defilements Cleansed, From Fear Liberated — This is the greatest blessing.” The Buddha

The Buddha’s quote above was talking about peace of mind. He says it’s a great blessing to attain an absolute peace of mind, free from all troubles of life.

10. “He Who Can Curb His Wrath As Soon As It Arises, As Aa Timely Antidote Will Check Snake’s Venom That So Quickly Spreads, — Such a Monk Gives Up The Here and The Beyond, Just As A Serpent Sheds its Worn-Out Skin.” – The Buddha (Sutta Nipata)

The Buddha’s quote above is self-explanatory. It was taken from the Buddhist scripture, Sutta Nipata and it was talking about a person who is enlightened enough to suppress his/her anger as soon as it arises.

11. “It is in the nature of things that joy arises in a person free from remorse.” The Buddha

This is another Buddha’s quote on happiness. You know sometimes people are too engrossed in their past that they let their yesterday eat up too much of their today. Meanwhile, all they should have done was to get the lesson from their mistakes and move on.

12. “The world is afflicted by death and decay. But the wise do not grieve, having realized the nature of the world.” The Buddha

The one who knows a thief will be coming to his house later in the day will have no need to panic but to prepare. But he who is taken unaware will be left in shock and in grieve.

13. “Should you find a wise critic to point out your faults, follow him as you would a guide to hidden treasure.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada, verse 76)

Another authentic Buddha’s quote taken from the Buddhist scripture, Dhammapada verse 76.

14. “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

You are the master of your arts and the captain of your soul, no one can help you pilot the ship of your life.

15. “All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts and made up of our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, suffering follows him as the wheel follows the hoof of the beast that draws the wagon… If a man speaks or acts with a good thought, happiness follows him like a shadow that never leaves.”

Buddha’s quote above was talking about the implications of our thoughts. If you constantly think negative thoughts then expect negative outcomes, but if you allow only positive thoughts, then you will get nothing but positive outcomes.

16. “Whoever doesn’t flare up at someone who’s angry wins a battle hard to win.” The Buddha

Buddha’s words on the power of self-control.

17. “Should a seeker not find a companion who is better or equal, let them resolutely pursue a solitary course.”

Should in case you don’t find anyone to roll with you, don’t forget that eagles don’t fly with pigeons and eagles even fly higher alone. Don’t waver because no one wants to join you, you’ll be stronger alone.

18. “All conditioned things are impermanent’ — when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering.” The Buddha

This is another real Buddha quote and it was taken from the Dhammapada, verse 277.

19. “To support mother and father, to cherish partner and children, and to be engaged in peaceful occupation — this is the greatest blessing.” – Buddha (Mangala Sutta)

This is yet another real quote from the Buddhist scriptures, Mangala Sutta. Although the quote “To support mother and father, to cherish *partner* and children, and to be engaged in peaceful occupation — this is the greatest blessing.” was modified. In the original, you will find “wife,” in place of “partner”. The “wife” was replaced with “partner” to make it more inclusive.

20. “By oneself is evil done; by oneself is one defiled. By oneself is evil left undone; by oneself is one made pure. Purity and impurity depend on oneself; no one can purify another.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada)

Whether you are corrupted or purified is all dependent on you. It is what goes into a man (thought) that corrupts or purify him. Thus, you have to guard your heart with great discretion.

21. “As an elephant in the battlefield withstands arrows shot from bows all around, even so shall I endure abuse.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada, verse 320)

Buddha’s quote on not letting abuses that the world hawl at you get to you or even affect you in any form.

22. “Ceasing to do evil, Cultivating the good, Purifying the heart: This is the teaching of the Buddhas.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada, verse 183)

Buddha in his quote gotten from the Buddhist scripture Dhammapada verse 183, was summarizing what his teachings us all about.

Buddha Quotes For Success in Life

23. “Know from the rivers in clefts and in crevices: those in small channels flow noisily, the great flow silent. Whatever’s not full makes noise. Whatever is full is quiet.” The Buddha

Another real quotation from the Buddhist scriptures, Sutta Nipata. It was talking about pride – Only empty vessels will make the loudest noise.

24. “Some do not understand that we must die, But those who do realize this settle their quarrels.” The Buddha

Yet another Buddha quote from the 6th verse of the Dhammapada, and it talks about man’s mortality.

25. “Understanding is the heartwood of well-spoken words.” – The Buddha (Kimsila Sutta)

This unedited Real Buddha Quote was taken from the Kimsila Sutta and it talks about understanding.

26. “‘As I am, so are these. As are these, so am I.’ Drawing the parallel to yourself, neither kill nor get others to kill.” – The Buddha

Buddha was talking about the importance of the life of every living creatures both great and small, not just humans but beasts along. This quote was extracted from a text called the Nalaka Sutta, found in the Sutta Nipata)

27. “Delight in heedfulness! Guard well your thoughts!” – The Buddha (The Dhammapada)

These Buddha quote centres on the importance of properly guarding the thoughts. The quote is unedited and found in the Buddhist scripture, The Dhammapada.

28. “Irrigators channel waters; fletchers straighten arrows; carpenters bend wood; the wise master themselves.” The Buddha

Mastering one’s self is one of the sole purposes of Buddhism.

29. “Whatever living beings there may be — feeble or strong, long, stout, or of medium size, short, small, large, those seen or those unseen, those dwelling far or near, those who are born as well as those yet to be born — may all beings have happy minds.” – The Buddha, Karaniya Metta Sutta

These Buddha’s quote on happiness is in its original form. It was taken from the Buddhist Scripture, Karaniya Metta Sutta.

30. “Should a person do good, let him do it again and again. Let him find pleasure therein, for blissful is the accumulation of good.” The Buddha (Dhammapada, verse 118)

Another original unedited Buddha’s quote on doing good. It was taken from the Buddhist scripture, Dhammapada verse 118.

31. “Just as a solid rock is not shaken by the storm, even so, the wise are not affected by praise or blame.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada)

A wise man already knows too well than to be flattered with praise or disturbed by blames.

32. Just as with her own life A mother shields from hurt Her own son, her only child, Let all-embracing thoughts For all beings be yours.

Love is the greatest, and Buddha tries to express it with his quotes above.

33. “Over there are the roots of trees; over there, empty dwellings. Practice jhana [meditation], monks. Don’t be heedless. Don’t later fall into regret. This is our message to you.” – The Buddha

Once again Buddha expresses the importance of meditation through his quote above. ‘Jhana’ in the sentence above means ‘Meditation’ This is quote was taken from the Buddhist scriptures, Kamma Sutta.

34. “Let none find fault with others; let none see the omissions and commissions of others. But let one see one’s own acts, done and undone.” The Buddha

Another amazing Buddha Quote that talks about not finding fault in anyone.

35. “Those who cling to perceptions and views wander the world offending people.” The Buddha

This striking Buddha quote is found in the Magandiya Suta which is in the Sutta Nipata. The quote above is generally considered as one of the oldest texts in the Pali canon. It has lots of translations. Bhikkhu Thanissaro translates this particular quote as: “Those who grasp at perceptions and views go about butting their heads in the world.” and apart from the above translations, there are other translations that we might not be able to cover in this article.

36. “Whatever precious jewel there is in the heavenly worlds, there is nothing comparable to one who is Awakened.” The Buddha

This is a genuine quote from the Buddhist scriptures. It’s from the Sutta Nipata.

37. “There is no fear for one whose mind is not filled with desires.” – The Buddha

We collected this Buddha’s quote from the Buddhist scripture Dhammapada verse 39.

38. “Whatever is not yours: let go of it. Your letting go of it will be for your long-term happiness & benefit.” – Buddha (Na Tumhaka Sutta of the Samyutta Nikaya)

This quote from Buddha is invariably talking about letting go of anything that makes you unhappy. It’s like the other quote above that talks about attachment as the root of all suffering.

39. “The one in whom no longer exist the craving and thirst that perpetuate becoming; how could you track that Awakened one, trackless, and of limitless range?” – The Buddha (Dhammapada, verse 180)

Another unedited quote from Buddha and it was gotten from the Buddhist scripture, Dhammapada verse 180.

40. “Give, even if you only have a little.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada verse 224)

Buddha’s quote on giving. The quote is taken from the Buddha’s scripture, Dhammapada verse 224.

41. “Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada)

Another amazing Buddha Quote is taken from the Buddhist Scripture, Dhammapada.

42. “Not falling into wrong views — being virtuous, endowed with insight, lust in the senses discarded — verily never again will he return to conceive in a womb.” – The Buddha (Karaniya Metta Sutta)

This Buddha quote was taken from the Buddhist scripture Karaniya Metta Sutta, and it was talking about souls that have been able to learn all their lessons and will not need to be born again (reincarnate).

43. “In whom there is no sympathy for living beings: know him as an outcast.” – The Buddha (Sutta Nipata)

The Buddhist scripture, Sutta Nipata records the above quote from the great teacher, Gautama Buddha.

44. “You yourself must strive. The Buddhas only point the way. Those meditative ones who tread the path are released from the bonds of Mara.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada)

Buddha’s Quote to his followers lets them know they must strive by themselves, that he himself is only going to show them the path but wouldn’t tread it for them.

45. “If a man going down into a river, swollen and swiftly flowing, is carried away by the current — how can he help others across?” – The Buddha (Sutta Nipata)

The Buddha’s words from the Buddhist scripture, Sutta Nipata. The quote is talking about removing the specks in your eyes before seeing them clear enough to help others remove theirs.

46. If I claim to be a wise man, then it surely means that I don’t know.

Only a fool will always think himself wise, but a wise man will always think of himself as a fool.

47. “Both formerly and now, it is only suffering that I describe, and the cessation of suffering.” The Buddha

An unedited Buddha quote is taken from the Buddhist scripture, Sutta Nipata.

48. “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” ― Siddhārtha Gautama

Buddha’s words on peace. The quote above is unedited and still maintains its original form. This particular quote from Buddha was taken from the Siddhārtha Gautama.

49. “Resolutely train yourself to attain peace”

It’s another genuine quote from the great teacher, Buddha. This quote was taken from the Utthana Sutta of the Sutta Nipata. The original translation in Pāli reads, “Daḷhaṃ sikkhatha santiyā.”

50. What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now. Buddha

Buddha believes that whatever anyone is going to be in the future depends on what they actually do now.

I believe you enjoyed our unedited collection of Buddha’s quotes. If you have any verified Buddha’s Quote that you want us to add to our collection, go ahead and share it with us via the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this page with your family & friends.

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