Rich New Delhi Girls Whatsapp Numbers Looking for Friendship

Are you eager to meet and chat up with girls currently staying in New Delhi, India? Here is the opportunity. You can now meet and chat with girls in New Delhi through Whatsapp chatting application. We have here, lots of New Delhi girls Whatsapp numbers looking for friendship.

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Firstly, allow me to introduce you to Nikita Sharma. This beautiful girl from a very rich family resides in New Delhi, India. She sent me a message, asking for a real connection with people who actually cares about her. She’s rich and most of her friends are also from rich families. She gets to discuss only vacations, meeting celebrities, schooling abroad, etc.

Nikita wants friends who she will discuss normal things with, bollywoood movies, songs, favorite games, shows, etc.

Here’s her message.

Hello there family. I got to know about from a friend, who said she met her heart throb through this portal. I am a very beautiful girl by normal standard, but I want more from Life. I want to have real friends who cares and value me.

My name is Nikita Sharma and I am from New Delhi, India. I am twenty-one (21) years old and currently studying in one of the most prestigious universities. I feel lonely and I want a friend who is willing to chat, talk and laugh with me.

Rich New Delhi Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Name: Nikita Sharma
Age: 21
Mobile number: +91-95-48521885
Language: English.
Location: New Delhi
Status: Single
Company: Airtel
Country: India
Interested In: Friendship

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