80 Single Quotes for Girl In English (Best Funny, Motivational Quotes)

Being single as a lady can be heartbreaking for most women, meanwhile, a few ladies may see it as an opportunity to know themselves better, control their activities and their time.

No matter which category of women you fall under, below are single quotes for girls that will reflect the way you feel about being single.

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Best Single Quotes for Girl In English.

♥ Whenever I choose to get someone out of my life, it may not mean that I hate them. But what it means is that I respect myself.

♥ Don’t be in a relationship where you’re going to act single.

♥ Be grateful for being single. It will teach you the importance of your own company and the grace to be the person you actually want to be.

Single Quotes for Girl In English

♥ This is my life, not yours. Don’t worry about what I do.

♥ Don’t be in a hurry to get into a relationship. Get comfortable with your loneliness, so when you decide to get in a relationship, you will know if it’s because you truly love the person or because you feel lonely.

♥ I love being single because no one has to control my time. I’m completely in control of my ship because I am the captain of my own soul.

♥ Only strong ladies can stay single even in this world where settling down for anything just to say they have something is the norm.

♥ I must not be in a relationship before I know that I’m very beautiful. I’m 5exy and I know it.

♥ Happiness comes from the heart. If you’re not happy staying single, you wouldn’t be happy even when you’re taken.

♥ I’m a very strong black coffee in this world that’s drunk on very cheap wine of very shallow love.

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♥ S.I.N.G.L.E: Strong, Independent, Noticeable Generous, Loving, Enlightened.

♥ Keep calm and wait for God’s best exclusively reserved for you.

♥ I would rather wait for the right person than lower my standards for anyone.

♥ Most ladies follow the man of their dreams, while some only follow their dreams. Any time you get confused on which one to follow then chose anyone that wouldn’t wake up one morning to tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.

♥ Every girl’s original dream is to, first of all, know herself.

♥ Most strong women are single because the majority of men are afraid of strong women.

♥ I’m single because I am exclusively reserved for that man who knows I’m strong and an independent woman, and yet he wouldn’t feel intimidated.

♥ Almost everyone thinks I am dangerous because I’m strong enough to stay on my own.

♥ It’s better to stay single if getting in a relationship wouldn’t make your life any better than it is.

♥ If you can’t find that person who can appreciate your beauty as well as your bruises, then it’s better to stay single for a lifetime.

♥ At first staying single was my greatest fear until I realized that staying with someone that makes you feel alone is worst.

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♥ We were born to be real, not to be perfect.

♥ Too young for marriage,
Too old for games,
Too smart for players.

♥ I can easily deal with a man I find intimidating than I could deal with a man who finds me intimidating.

♥ I’m single and ready to catch feelings with handsome dudes.

♥ Marriage is the only adventure open for the chicken-hearted.

♥ Sometimes you just have to walk right away from everyone you love just to let those who think they own your life know that you can actually live without them.

♥ I’m that queen who doesn’t need a Prince Charming to her own happy ending.

♥ Just because I am alone doesn’t mean I’m lonely.

♥ Being single is another opportunity to live your life just the way you want it without apologizing to anyone.

♥ I’m yet to find that companion that can be more companionable than my solitude.

♥ I don’t care about your opinion about me, I’m beautiful and I know it.

♥ Yes, I’m going to be single on every other lover’s day. I absolutely don’t think it’s a huge deal for me.

♥ I literally have series of opportunities for dates pouring through my ears. But like the others, I bunk them.

♥ If being single is a crime, then I definitely need to be the chief of the inmates.

♥ At this point in time, I think it’s safe to say that I need an Oscar award for being the longest-serving single lady.

♥ While most single ladies are wishing to be married, married women are wishing to be single again.

♥ Loneliness is not a result of being single, and getting married is not necessarily the cure to loneliness. There’re still lots of lonely but married people out there.

♥ Formerly, I used to think that being single meant nobody wanted me. But right now I think it means I’m super 5exy and I’m taking my time to decide who I really want to spend my precious time with.

♥ No one came through so I razzled myself.

♥ I’m yet to see anything a lot better than being single.

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♥ I’m single, Simply because I can’t find someone who’s worth my time.

♥ I would rather stay single than join the world’s trend of being in a relationship where there’s no love.

♥ I’m single and proud. I was not single by chance but by choice.

♥ I’m not in search of my other half because I’m not a half.

♥ If you want me to come into your life, put me there. I’m not strong enough to start fighting for a spot.

♥ I don’t get jealous whenever I see my ex with another girl. My parents thought me how to give my used toys to the less privileged.

♥ Stay loyal or stay single.

♥ My alone really feels so good, and I can only date you if you happen to be sweeter than my solitude.

♥ Most ladies in their late 20s go through a particular period where they don’t believe there’s anything like true love anymore, but they’re wrong. The truth is that once you stop searching for it, it starts looking for you.

♥ The starting point of every lifelong romance is to love yourself.

♥ She sleeps faster than she who sleeps alone.

♥ Being single doesn’t actually mean that you are available. That’s why I feel like putting up signs like “Don’t Disturb” right on your heart.

♥ If you’re single and still in your early 20s, then go ahead and put on a pair of jeans and rock your world.

♥ Being single is all about appreciating and celebrating our own space.

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♥ Being single is sometimes the best thing that can happen to you. Sometimes those who fly alone have stronger wings.

♥ I’ve never met the right man for me, and that explains why I am yet to marry or even have kids.

♥ She who follows the crowd goes no further than the crowd. But the queen who walks alone finds herself a kingdom and that no one has ever ruled before.

♥ Don’t forget to love yourself because that’s the only person you are going to be spending the rest of your life with.

♥ The most profitable relationship you can venture into is the one you have with yourself.

♥ I’m not scared to walk alone. And I’m not scared to like it.

♥ Being single for me is almost like being wealthy.

♥ Staying single is not just my status. It’s a word that describes someone who’s powerful enough to enjoy her life without relying on others.

♥ Don’t try to find paradise outside of yourself, when you can find it within your heart.

♥ She who is knowledgable others is wise. But she who’s knowledgable about herself is enlightened.

Single Independent Woman Quotes.

♠ Of all the people you will ever come across in your lifetime, you’re only going to never lose one person, and that person is YOU.

♠ I enjoy staying single. I’m usually there whenever I need myself.

♠ I’m so good at loving myself and that’s the reason I have a hard time loving myself.

♠ My alone is enough for me. I don’t think I have anything to prove to anyone.

♠ You have just one true company from birth to death she’s always with you whenever you need her, and that person is YOU.

♠ Everyone is single by birth.

♠ The coolest thing I’ve ever experienced is being single. I think it’s a pretty sense of irresponsibility.

♠ My solitude is my fortress of purification.

♠ Anyone who is not happy when she’s single will definitely not be happy when she’s in a relationship.

♠ I don’t really mind being single, nevertheless, I just miss being held by someone.

♠ Being in a relationship and being single are just titles, but your heart truly knows which category you fall under.

♠ Technically speaking, I’m single even though my heart is occupied by someone I can’t totally call my own.

♠ I’m so single because I am strong enough to enjoy and live my life without depending on other people.

♠ I’ve been staying single for a while and I must confess it’s going really well. I mean… It’s really working out.

♠ I am as single as a dollar note and I’m not looking for a change.

♠ I’d rather stay single with the standard than be in a relationship where I settle down for less.

♠ I was perfectly delightful staying single until I saw this beautiful happy couple.

♠ You may not be 100% happy for being single, nevertheless, you’re 100% safe from pains.

♠ I was doing very well all alone before you came into my life, but now that you’ve left, I believe I’ll still be fine once again.

♠ Every girl deserves a guy who will make her smile, even when she doesn’t want to.

♠ OTHERS: “I’m so excited whenever my lover tells me he loves me”.
ME: “I’m so excited when my microwave tells me my meal is ready”.

♠ I’m currently single because I am waiting for the right person to come along. And, I’ll keep waiting no matter how long it takes.

♠ I decided to stay single because these days, my iPhone battery last longer than most relationships.

My Final Thought

Being single doesn’t mean you are not totally complete without a significant other just as some TV shows and movies portray it to be. Being single is now seen as being kept inside a purgatory where you will have to endure all the pains of stereotypes till you finally find your soul mate.

But the truth is that, in most cases, being single is far better than getting stuck in a toxic relationship. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that there are hidden benefits to being single and we will be listing about six of them below


1). Your Mind Is Always Productive:

Whether you do believe it or don’t believe it, the relationship can sometimes be mentally exhausting. Partnership and intimacy can consume lots of space in our heads, though you may not be conscious of it, there’s a smaller capacity for individually concentrated thought.

2). You Are More Open-Minded & Self-sufficient: Single people are more self-sufficient than those with significant others. Being single makes you rely completely on yourself and be more open-minded and ready to accept whatever life throws at you. In fact, you are free to even roll with all the punches.

3). You Get To Know Yourself Better: Being single makes it easier for you to know yourself better. You don’t have to waste your time trying to study with your partner. Instead, you channel all your energies into learning more about yourself.

4). You Become Focused: Being single gives you the opportunity of getting to figure out what you truly want in your life or out of life. Thus, you’re more focused and your chances of figuring out your mission statement become very high.

5). You Are Likely To Be Happier: Although this may sound to be untrue, being single is a lot better than be in the wrong relationship. Don’t forget that one of our major reasons for visiting earth is to be happy, and was the essence of being in a relationship and not being happy?

6). You Take Care Of Yourself More: When you are in a relationship, you may not have all the time to properly check up on your own self, but being single gives you all the time to properly look out for yourself. Being single requires you to focus more on the areas of your life that need attention.

With all that you’ve seen above, I believe you have no reason to be afraid of being single. After all, pigeons will always fly in groups, but eagles soar higher alone.

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