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I wrote about the USMLE Whatsapp Groups which I’ll recommend you join, and then decided to write about the USMLE Rx step Flashcards which are 100% free for you to study with.

With the USMLE Step 1 Prep, you get to completely cut your study time in HALF and learn everything you need to know about the United States Medical Licensing Examination. Several highly respectable brands come together to create a comprehensive study solution which is scientifically optimized to help you learn faster and remember what you learn longer.

USMLE flash cards step study

For those who are not aware of the USMLE flash cards, then you may probably be WASTING up to 50% of your study time by using inefficient prep tactics? Here on this app, I want to share with you, the best method to learn. Here is how you can efficiently use some serious brain hacks to help you learn FASTER and remember better.

Is it Possible to Score a 260 on USMLE?

Medical USMLE Pharmacology and Treatment Flashcards

You may be thinking “How possible is this?” The USMLE flashcard which we’ll be sharing here is will be showing you, a new tactic in cognitive science which is called Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR).

USMLE Step 1 Flash Cards 2019 – Google Drive

The Confidence-Based Repetition aid in the optimization of your study time so you can focus more on the items you are least confident in, and this will aid you to avoid wasting your time on the concepts you know best. MILLIONS of top students around the world have used Brainscape’s system and CBR to ace hundreds of exams including the USMLE, and this is 100% possible.

What is even more important is that this is 100% FREE. You can easily study these USMLE flashcards online or through its mobile application, which is compatible with the iPhone or Android operating system. This method provides you the perfect way to create short and memorable study sessions into small breaks throughout your day.

The result of this is that you will be getting the most COMPREHENSIVE, well-organized, convenient, and effective collection of USMLE Step 1 flashcards available anywhere and anytime you want to study.

Using the method shared above, we are confident that you will ace the USMLE exam. We wish you the best of luck when you’ll be sitting for the exams.

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