You can Now Search for GIFs While Chatting on WhatsApp

Are you aware that you can actually start using GIFs while chatting on Whatsapp? A newly released version of this Mobile messaging app gives you the ability to search and use gifs in its interface.

The latest update which is coming or has already been introduced to some users is the ability to search through thousands of GIFs and use it all within this app. Latest news published on the app’s official website disclosed that WhatsApp beta has introduced GIF search, which allows users to search for and add GIFs without leaving the messaging platform or using any previous methods.

whatsapp gifs

Although the Messaging app actually added support for GIFs a few months ago, it was limited to sharing locally-saved GIFs from your smartphone. But this newest update makes it easier for you to search through Giphy’s extensive library and add GIFs directly from within WhatsApp’s interface without any need to download and upload it from your phone.

We also discovered that this update actually increased the media sharing limit from 10 to 30.

How to Access?

Anyone interested in how to access the gifs in Whatsapp should read this. The GIF search can be accessed by selecting the emoji button to the left of the text box.

Once you’re in the emoji selection window, as shown in the image above, you will see an option to toggle between emoji and GIFs. The latter tab shows you a list of popular GIFs which is used daily by other users.

However, the most welcomed feature is the option of searching through Giphy GIFs library in case you have a particular keyword in mind.

Final Conclusion.

The ability to search for a countless number of GIFs on Whatsapp is now live in it’s (1.27.7) version. What do you think about this? Is this a welcome development?

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