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Are you still interested in Yahoo chat rooms? During the first period when the Internet was taking over the world by Storm, Yahoo messenger was actually the Number 1 biggest chatting website in the world.

Yahoo public chat rooms have millions of visitors on a daily basis and provide an environment where you can get to know anyone from any part of the world, either in America, United Kingdom, India, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Germany, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Russia, etc.

However, Yahoo officially announced the closure of its chat rooms and this news broke the heart of millions of users around the world. Although the era of Yahoo chat was gradually fading away, as Facebook was taking over the world. Yahoo has never recovered nor has the ability to create a replica as popular till date.

Yahoo Chat Rooms

When the Yahoo! Messenger was shut down, millions of online chatters have no free service or places similar to Yahoo chat where they can find people online to make new friends.

However, Yahoo chat messenger is still available to download and people do have the option of adding their friends to their messenger list. However, the public chat rooms of Yahoo has been shut down till date. Yahoo chat rooms were a great place for people to meet, discuss any topic of interest and create a long-lasting relationship that has endured the test of time.

Today, we are providing our readers, users, and fans a platform or yahoo chat rooms alternate for chatting with millions of people online. These online chat rooms are free and you can register for free. Through these chat rooms, you get to meet, discover and find new friends and ask them about Yahoo email id to add them in Yahoo chat messenger for a strong friendship that will blossom tomorrow.

Although there are other similar chat rooms online, the best ones which are very similar to yahoo messenger chat room are Facebook, Whatsapp, Badoo among others.

Although most chat rooms online today has an upper hand over the yahoo messenger chat. Chat rooms which are created after the closure of Yahoo chat have moderators to avoid spam and dirty chatters.

Yahoo Chat Room

If you are searching for the best Indian chat room, Pakistani chat rooms or USA chat rooms, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. If you are from or residing in the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia, you can still access our free yahoo replacement chat rooms which are even better but not as popular as Yahoo messenger chatting room.

If you are Indian, I’ll recommend you check out the Desi chat rooms, which is a great place to meet ex chatters of yahoo chat rooms where you get to meet friends online. You can also see we recommend English chat room, Arab chat room, and UK chat rooms for those who want to chat with people from these countries.

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